How to Find Investors for Your Startup

There are many way for people to find capital for your start up business. When you are looking to start your own business, you can use your savings, ask for a loan or get funding from a investors.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not hard to get funding for your start up business from an investor.  Finding the investor is not that hard either, throughout the whole process of raising money you have the opportunity to talk to close to 50 investors depending on your idea and the location.  With a quality idea, realistic business plan, plenty of research and pitch to find success, you could get the right investor for your business.

Here is how to find the right investors for your business

Go to top tier business schools

If you live close to a university of college with a strong business programme you might be lucky. They are very likely going to have a strong list or network of investors and successful entrepreneurs as alumni’s guest speakers, and in their faculties. The might point you to the direction of a good investors.

Talk to industry friends

If you have contacts of founders who have started companies that are similar to what you want or in the same industry, you could ask them for your recommendations.  Many investors who are in various markets always find companies through networks. Securing yourself with several networks helps you find the right investor faster.

Go online

Social media networks like linked in, Quora, Microventures and Angellist can help you find the right type of investors for your business.

Find Angel investor networks

Angel investor networks are typically member based networks that offer services depending on your location.  They operate from funds that have been put down by investment firms. They look to source out deals and business opportunities from different people.  The angels have the right to retain anonymity. Here, you can get several offers from different investors and get to choose the best one for yourself.

Try crowd finding

 There are multiple crowd finding platforms available and some of them target specific businesses. Crowd funding is great for companies that have been in the business for a while or are active participants in the specific industries plus people who do not mind guidance from the venture networks.

Go to an entrepreneurial community

The first thing that should come to mind when you are looking to start a business is to get involved with the business people around you. Joining start up groups in your area will help you meet new people some of who could be your potential investors.  You could ask for advice and talk about your struggles while getting to know other investors.

 While you are pitching your idea to any investors, no matter where they are from you should always prove to them that you are established or an expert in that area. Having a huge social media presence definitely helps when it comes to finding an investor for your business.